The Five ‘F’s of Faith

Let’s take a more in-depth look at faith


Granted, favor from God is on your life, and He preserves your spirit. I love God’s favor on my life because it uplifts me, and it is a shield for me ( Job10:12). It is phenomenal how God goes above and beyond for us. It is a fact that Christ laid down his life for us on the calvary spokes volume of His kindness. Christ obliges us due to sin on humanity, and it is keeping us alive. It is getting to live in abundance because we are free. You may think you have to do something to gain favor from God, but no, it is not so. God says we have benefits when we find Him because we attain life ( Proverbs 8:35). As children of God, the privilege given to us is met with obedience to do good.

  • Favor is on you because you are upright – Proverbs 14:9

Why upright? Upright speak to your position. It is how you think of God in your life. The choice to put God first in every step of our lives shows honor to God. Allowing God to make the decisions on the affairs of our hearts calls for strength and seen in your uprightness. Aren’t we encouraged to be strong in the Lord? Yes, talking that posture is holding on to the integrity of God. It is allowing your life to represent the Almighty one, Jesus Christ.

  • Good understanding gains favor -Proverbs 13:15

o Good understanding comes through God’s revelation to us as we read His words. I encourage you to pray for that agreement. We do not want just to read the word of God but study it. The bible did say study to show ourselves approve unto God, rightly dividing the word of truth (2Timothy 2:5). Knowing the mind of God requires listening to our Lord, what He says about the situations we face each day. We recognize God for His righteousness.

  • There is a shield around you because of favor Psalms 5:12

o Shield, as we know, it provides passive protection. A shield intercepts the attack of the enemy, preventing direct firing power of the opposition. So God surrounds us, giving defense against the strikes of the evil one. We serve a God who is a spirit, and so the spiritual shield around us can not be revealed with the naked eye but is discerning in mind.

  • Favor is on you because you seek good- Proverbs 11:27

o Seeking after what is acceptable to your Lord, grants the blessing of living (Amos 5:14). Keeping the lords commandments should not be hard if we surrender our all to Him. The struggle ensues when we want to please the flesh more than God. Abiding by the ways of God comes with favor always and is sure as there is no lie in our savior.


Christ within brings balance in life. As human beings, there is the body, soul, and mind, and with God directing one’s life, equilibrium exists. The standards set in living comes in alignment with Gods word. Try not to lose sight of who the Lord God says you are. Morals are ethical principles by which one lives, so be trustworthy. The God of the universe gives a clothing of beauty, making your way upright (Isaiah 26:7). Stability comes with a transformation in the heart, radiating, love, joy, and peace. Due to the morals held, there is honesty reflecting the character of a virtuous woman, honor, reliability, and loyalty. There will be a radiant, cheerful countenance, and contentment (Proverbs 15:13). Peace in one’s heart makes them charming because they are humble and beatifies with salvation (Psalms 149:4).

Beauty is not just an outward appearance for a child of God, but it is the illumination of a tender loving heart. Like Christ, there is compassion and forgiveness. The qualities of being fair will draw others to you because you have a word of encouragement, comfort, and is a voice of reasoning under challenging times.


 Oh, how you are remarkable! You are phenomenal, fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:14). Have you been told you are fabulous? How do you feel at that time? The fluffy feeling in your heart as the endorphins are released, you have a sense of happiness. You feel special. Wonderfully made by God, means quality time to create you, so why not love who you are. God says He knows the very number of hair on your head. How awesome is that? Have you ever consider the brilliantness of God in making us, no one has the same DNA as you. Regardless if there are twins, there is still uniqueness. It does not matter the shape of your body or color of your skin; God made you unique.

The psalmist David pens the words “you formed my inward parts.” David must have been speaking about not only his body but his soul, the heart which loves God. A heart laced with gratitude will emit words of thanksgiving. Actions come in line with the thoughts in mind. Then think of every organ in your body, the network of the nervous and circulatory system. There will never be another creative work than how God made us. Man even tried to imitate God’s unique artwork and failed. The secret of God’s handy work is with Him only. While practicing as a nurse-midwife, each time I witness a child being born, I think of it as another miracle of God. The way a baby responds to touch and sound, only God could do that. So have do you value yourself? While one should not be prideful, acknowledgment of the way, God made us helps build our confidence.


You produce in abundance, plentiful in the knowledge of God, in love, in passion for greatness because you are of God and fruitful in every good work (Colossians 1:10). When the word useful comes to thought, there may be a flash of a fruit tree, and that is right. However, being productive is in all areas of life. The move of God on the heart brings a love for oneself and ours. Love is the soil that pushes forth joy, compassion, forgiveness, and hope—standing on faith in God that He can provide grand deliverance protection and healing. As joy comes forth, others are drawn to that hope radiating from you.

There is so much in you to give. Someone is waiting for your encouragement on your constructive criticism. It is never about what we do but the changes we are creating. Christ walks among men over 200 thousand years ago, and everywhere He went, changes took place. When Jesus was yet a boy, He went into the temple, and the congregation marveled at His speech. He showed up at a wedding, turn water into wine, and that was the best wine ever. We are not Christ, but we are like Him, so the transformation is seen in others as we interact. Some persons are hurting and need a voice of reasoning. Others just need to know someone cares.


When struggles come, do not cave in, or push through with resilience. As children of God, we are a contending force. The traits of the heavenly father flows within us. The opposition that Christ faced while on earth came in many different ways, but God showed dominion overall. Being dedicated comes with a hope in.

  • Fervent in prayer. James 5:16

o To be consistent in worship comes with its struggles. We feel tired at times or falls into the routine without even realizing prayer has become just another thing to do. However, that communication build with God, take not for granted because as we make our petition be known, God will intervene on our behalf. Reading the word of God we see were prayer brings a halt to the tactics of the enemy, as in Daniel case.

Then there was Elijah that pray that it would not rain, and so it was ( James 5:17).

  • Fervent in spirit. Romans 12:11

The bible say encourage oneself with psalms, hymns, and song from the (Ephesians 5:19). Allowing our hearts to become sorrowful will not produce songs of joy, so constantly offloading our burdens to God helps. Prayer requires effort and persistence. Setting a time for prayer can help maintain consistency; however, if prayer an interruption occurs, get to pray as soon as you can. Laps in prayer can easily slip into habits that you do not want, so regaining control is necessary for growth. Paying attention to your emotion, gives red flags when there is a need to draw closer to God. Do not allow fear to drive you away from God, and He wants to hear from you.

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