Choosing Purpose

When placed in a situation to choose, it may not come easy, depending on their choices. However, we make choices every day. Those choices made maybe austere, yet there may be times when we make heart-rending decisions. While we are making life choices for our career, family health, and wealth, special attention must be when it comes to our soul. Man is body, spirit, and soul. When one dies physically, the soul lives on, to give an account to, the only one that can destroy both body and soul, Jesus Christ.

And fear not them which kill the body, but can kill the soul: but rather fear him which can destroy both soul and body in hell” Matthew 10:28

Therefore the question is what choices you make every day that allow you to move forward with Christ Jesus. Sometimes, we forget that we must be intentional and purposeful about our business. We often attract what we project and don’t even realize it. It is, therefore, imperative that we be persistent in our decisions.

I can recall when I felt heartbroken because of my situation and think I could do nothing about it. The enemy had me lock in a state of mindless hopelessness because I was looking at the location rather than at the one who had the solution, Jesus Christ. Our emotions can blind us, so we take our eyes off Jesus Christ.

The moment you allow yourself to be, cornered into thinking that you are less than who God wants you to be, you are treading on dangerous grounds. You now find yourself down a path of self-defeat. It would seem nothing you do is productive. You become unhappy with yourself, and nothing seems to be going right. Thus, purpose must be chosen, with steps to empower oneself.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28

  • Maintaining a level of consistency

Consistency does not come without being self-aware. It is, knowing who you are. It is finding your momentum, your rhythm. It is consistent in our behaviors, attitudes, and thoughts.

Who am I? You have to realize that you are born with virtue and purpose. Tell yourself. I am an influencer to those around me. I choose to be positive. I will not allow my circumstances to let my attitude become one of stench, but I will adopt a sweet fragrance approach. Your consistency is maintained wherever you are. It is who we are about our faith by having a persistent atmosphere of worship. Speaking positively like the Shunammite woman, it is well (2 Kings 4:26) even amid death. Speak life. Will it in your spirit. 

I remember my Mama always said she “never broke,” meaning she always has money. So I ask her why, she said it don no matter how little money she has, even if it on cent, she still has money. I did not understand it until I begin to put it into practice. I will get low, but I will always trust God to provide. I would speak abundance over my life. The bible says little is much when God is in it. Give thanks for what we have and allow God to multiple it. Look what Jesus did with the five loaves and two fishes (Matthew 14:17). He blessed it, then brake and gave. Do like Jesus. Do not think that your little is nothing.

  • What will you shift to when the storm comes?

When faced with breast cancer diagnoses, I had to examine myself as to where I stand, what I preach and teach, and that God is a healer and deliverer. Challenges came to test my faith. Do I believe what I am preaching and teaching? That question stands; was I willing to live that now? It is all good to talk, but what about walking the talk.

My speech depicts sound faith through my time of sickness, and I also act that way. I choose to bring and speak hope.

One question I often get asked was, ‘How do you manage to do this?’ I would answer with the affirmatively that it was by the grace of God. I was determined to let someone know that I not only preach faith, but I live the gospel. I am now living my experience of healing first hand, from the only healer, Jesus Christ. So how are you when it comes to living purposely? Do you want to be a part of the crowd, or do you want to stand out? You see, pure gold not only glistens but stand the purification of fire.

Don’t just glow; illuminate the atmosphere around you. We purpose to bring joy during turmoil. Enlighten others with your words of encouragement and uplift their spirit with your faith. Speak life into others, push not pull, uplift not tear down. Chose purpose amid chaos!

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