Attitude towards Faith in God

Psalms 25:5

Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day

Your attitude of faith is your stance for deliverance from God. As you make that choice to stand for holiness and righteousness, many will not see you as God sees you. Your reactions to any given situation test the conscious effort placed on who God says you are. Know this; the opposition is watching you at all times. This enemy seeks an occasion to accuse you. Even when you are doing all that is right, there will be a false acquisition. 

We are living in a time when persons have become more selfish, disobedient unloving, and unforgiving. It is you who have to choose to do well and stand with your decision. That pose comes knowing your defense comes from God. Too often, we go with the crowd for popularity and fame. We want to make sure we are in the right circle in society and seated on an extended association platform. But is this truly all that it is about fame?

I have had the opportunity to sit with evangelists, pastors, and bishops. These are all great people of God use within the Kingdom of God. The bottom line is these are all men or women with flesh and has no deity. Given titles on earth are not to be worshipped, and yes, we honor them. I have seen people worship the person in the office rather than the one who placed them there; Christ Jesus. That is losing sight of where you put your faith. It is shifting the Glory from the heavenly to the earthly.

So, what can we do? We can choose to

  • Withstand the evil
    • Job 1:1 says, Fear God and eschews evil.

Regardless of the elevation level in this world, do not allow yourself to be drawn away with being heady or high-minded. The resistance we put up against the enemy forces is not allowing him to take dominion over us. Taking a stand in the words of God as it relates to what God said he would do for us. It is how God will deliver you from the traps of the devil. The three Hebrew boys put up a resistance laying hold on Knowledge; they serve a true delivering God. They stand against the king who threatened to throw them into the furnace, heated ten times more than usual. Yet these boys care not what the king thinks or could do to them (Daniel 3:12-18).

You, too, can overcome the devil by your choice. God is a never-failing God and will not leave you in any situation where you are resisting the devil. Refuse to do sinful things the bible speaks about, lying, stealing, covet, envy and strife but do that, which is good. Choose to talk right and not evil. Try building up someone rather than pulling down the person. It is your faith in God that you use to lift others and speak life into them.

  • Be not Afraid

Oh, so often, we come to a place deciding how to accomplish our goals. Our minds begin to look into the negativities. Questions such as, what if I don’t make it? What will people think? You may even find yourself saying, I am not as good as so and so. 

Allow God to lead you into his truth. Embrace the teachings of God for transformation in your thinking that will drive away fear. Remember, the enemy comes to kill and destroy, therefore do not entertain the lies he brings to your heart but place the shield of the words of God on your heart. 

  • Purposed in your heart

When the stance of a “strong belief” in the one true living God, the enemy is not only jealous but furious. The enemy is mad because he cannot manipulate you. Established your heart’s foundation is upon the principles and words of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When you know your deliverer, you care not what the enemy wants to do because genuine coverage comes guaranteed by our savior.

Knowledge governs our determination of who we are and who we serve. If you are unstable and wavering in faith, you are at risk for damage. However, when you stand on the unmerited favor of God as solid as a rock, then no threat from the opposition will move your stance.

  • Care for God’s righteousness

You know that your God is righteous and want to establish you in his righteousness. A conscious effort to keep the commandments of Christ is needed. Defiling yourself with any portion of what the enemy has should not be. You should trust your provider to take care of your needs. It is like helping a company commit fraud to keep your job, and you know it is wrong. A stable mind that says, if I walk away from this company, God will provide honest work for me. You have to care about the affairs of God. You are an ambassador. You represent God.

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