Movers and Shakers – by Debbie Watson-Allen


IN LIFE , there are movers, and there are shakers. The one you choose to be is the one you are. It all depends on what you do, right? Some people want to shake things up a bit or stir things up, and then that’s it. Because, you know, shaking things up will cause people to think or take action. Some people may not want to take action, but a mover action will be accepted when you are a influencing action.

When we examine ourselves, we might chuckle at ourselves as to what is going on in society. We match ourselves to what others think about us. We try to compare ourselves to what others are doing.

You know, what is trending in society?

Movers are influencers, bringing about change in others. Base on the persons interests because persons are attracted to their hearts’ desires or what is in their hearts.

I have seen where people influence persons to:

  • be a better version of themselves
  • to  move out of their comfort zone, 
  • to become that person that he or she desires to be, 
  • influence persons become intrapreneurs
  • To become that representation of who they are in their God-given purpose.

 Hence, influencers are all over, they’re everywhere. But the shakers sometimes don’t even want to look at the movers, but some persons are shaking up the circumstances they come in and interject into things that cause somebody to say, Hmm. I didn’t know that this could be. Oh, maybe I should do something different. So the shakers shake things from the norm, and let others look, have a different perspective of the situation. Shakers tends to cause a stir that will eventually lead to something else. Still, sometimes some people are excited without movements, and shakers are in themselves—persons who think outside of the box. Sometimes, people don’t even want to recognize them or see them because they’re just shaking things up a bit. They’re treading on a different route have a different theme than the trends in society. So, if the trend is okay, we’re all going to be interested in certain songs. For example, everybody’s doing hip hop, but this one person should know my trend is gospel, and that’s what I’m going to stick to, gospel. I’m not going to switch over to hip hop just because everybody’s doing it, you know. 

So are we going to be a shaker influencer slash mover?

What is it going to be? It all depends on the root of the situation. What are the circumstances? Sometimes you will switch between the two becoming a motivator influencer mover, or you can be just become a shaker at times, depending on the circumstances. Presently, what is required of you? But what is the base of a mover or a shaker? At your core is what you believe in, your morals, your profound concept of life, your deep concept of not just the natural, but spiritual the intelligent idea of who you are. When you are a child of God it doesn’t matter if you’re a shaker or a mover. Your core remains the same. That is you are trusting in God, and acting on the principles of God. Too often, we want to change who we are at our core, to fit in, be the mover. We can fit in to be the influencer, but we are not supposed to change or core. Just because what is being said or done appears not touching those who think need to move. Sometimes people are forced, yet they don’t speak out due to not envisioning one as that type of person. They are not seen as the one to be making this move, at this time or during this shaking. 

What are the principles that one stands for?

What are the things one looks at sometimes? It’s not about how one feels sometimes or how much is known. Our hearts and our minds, should be set on what God says. It’s about whatand who God says, we are, a royal priesthood, a called out nation, the head and not the tail. God laid down the principles for us His concepts, ideas, and beliefs are illustrated profoundly. We adheres to the things of life that are true, and holy. The items in life that define us as children of God and standing on those principles. I know that I know that people will look at it both ways. Why is she doing that, why is that, why not change and do this because this person’s doing it this way or this person is saying it this way. We need to be who we are and not someone else’s identity. We can thrive on being another person, but mark, you will lose yourself. At all times try to be who God wants us to be and not someone else.

God bless.

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