Faithfulness During Struggles

Growing up by sea just a few steps away was a gift not realized, until no longer in reach. The early mornings were calm with salty airbrushing the cheeks while the sun cast its magic on the water. As recalled, sunrise was always sensational. Walking along the beach feeling sand through the toes while the seawater laps at the feet had no extraordinary meaning at that time. Neither did the sun reflecting on the water almost like gold bringing contentment to one’s heart.

The handy works of God were passed as just simple there and for enjoyment without real appreciation. Similarly is the adult life when things seem to be going terrific. One has the right career, spouse, children, extended family, and friends. It appears all is in line with the perspective of retirement. Still, there was not a slow moment for genuine gratitude for what one has now but a desire for a future. So what happens when faced with a crisis of sickness that dips into the retirement fund or the investment market crashes taking savings with it. It could be A series of deaths in the family. Regardless of what there will be a destitute feeling.

All is not lost because the same God of creation is with you and is waiting to help. But sometimes, one forget to ask, and He did say ask, and it shall be given. Therefore

1. Confess to God that you need help and in what areas.

God knows our heart, and what is needed before asked, He wants a confession from the mouth. Telling God how we feel is relevant to Him so he can give correct solutions. Ask the Lord to guide you into trusting him to provide for you. When in a particularly hard time, trust may not come as easy as fear and doubt cloud the heart. There was a moment in time when finances were low as a matter of fact; it was rock bottom. Contending with reality, took more faith than usual. While there was a stand taken not to be a mendicant or borrower, all eyes turned to Jesus Christ, the provider. With a heart trusting, a written list of bills and requests was made. Kneeling at the bedside may look like any other time, but the heart kneeling was different. As a child of God who had encountered God’s goodness on several occasions, this was yet a first. Asking God to, turn the little into much takes a contending faith. The answer was remarkable; bills paid, children went to school, food on the table, had in the car, able to go to work and money left over. What? Yes God took the minus and multiple it.

2. Draw near to God in prayer.

 Sometimes a busy life finds the relationship with God like a ‘hi and bye’ communication, leaving no room for growth. Yet our comforter desires for an intimate connection with us. Don’t just go to God when the necessity of life pulls, but give to praise and worship. Spent time in the word, so strength is gained. Psalms 119 says His word is a lamp for the feet and a light leading the direction. We all need a friend and Jesus I that friend. Going into dedication is one thing that does not leave you exhausted. Prayer brings contentment and restoration. During prayer burdens are lifted, new insights are gained and solutions are written.

3. Attract that which is good

 A person can be the difference between their breakthroughs. Remove what is bounding you. Divinity is calling, but you are still bound to your pass. When a person keeps visiting past struggles that were never overcome amid their present circumstances, it will be nothing but grumbling and bitterness. However, forgiveness and letting go of past hurts brings recovery. Have you encountered one person who tears you at the core because the baggage of the flip seems like yesterday as they keep telling it. That person needs a spiritual detox; old things have blocked the flow of the free feeling.

4. Cultivate a strong resolution

Strength comes from God, and that strength is physically and spiritually. The Bible said transformation occurs when the mind is renewed. It is putting off the guilt and shame. Now being covered in the beauty of the Lord graciousness. Having solutions to a problem may seem far-fetched or the steps to getting there are blurry. The Bible says write the vision and make it clear. Having a step by step process can be a clear path to a designated point. One thing is for sure placing God at the front of any ambitions helps the transition.

Therefore be encouraged, the beauty of today will live on with Christ.

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