This Season of Shift

by Debbie Watson-Allen

I ponder on the Hope of tomorrow. But deep down, I feel the struggles of doubt pounding on my heart.

 Where have you been? Why do you want to move from this place?

It is comforting. You’ll get all that is making you happy.

 Yet, the call to shift is more pronounced than ever.

 Daughter of Zion, you are called for more!

Let go of the band that holds you in complacency and reach for the bars of purpose and transformation.

As I reach, I see the light that seems distant before, Hope was giving birth to purpose, and the season of shift comes in alignment.

I shifted to the place where I now speak as an oracle of God, my voice no longer quaked but rings with boldness as purpose unfolds.

A shift to the place of faith, where the miracles happen

 Shift into the voice of Hope amid a restless society.

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