Three Reasons, Persons May Remain Unfocused

I had the experience of having my glasses renewed. I did the right things, booked an appointment, show up, got my eyes tested, and answer all the questions to the best of my ability. I then went on to choose the frame I liked best that fitted the best. Then there was a long wait for two weeks before I got them back. I was excited about my new pair of frames that look outstanding and fitted well. I test fitted them, at the time I find no fault, driving home. I took a few pictures and fell more in love with these glasses. I had chosen the transition lens that had polarized effects.

Later that night, as I sat before the computer, I realized something was off. I was having more of a blurred vision from the glasses. I tried different angles, the same effect. So I said maybe it’s because it was new. I’ll give it a few days, people. It was a whole week before I decided to do something about it.


1. Failure to accept that something is wrong and needs, fixing

We are often traveling down a path in life, and all the danger signals are before us, yet we refuse to do something different. We are blinded by the “bling” One time feeling excellent or excited. Therefore, we keep hoping for a change that will not happen unless we do something about it. You may have chosen a job that pays well and comes with other bells and whistles, yet it calls for compromise in your character. The offer sounded good. You can pay all the bills, give a sense of get a sense of prestige in society. But what about that uneasy feeling you get when asked to look the other way or do something wrong.

The choice to refuse such a job and asking your heavenly Father to provide one that fits your character is in your hands. The option is yours, or you can keep that job, but stand up to the morals and principles that are true. I decided to get my glasses fit because putting them on every day and wishing they give better vision would not fix it.

2. Trying not to offend others

I give myself a rationale not to go back with the glasses. “The ophthalmologists will be offended. He may think, I do not respect his judgment.” Wrong! The moment I took up the phone to voice my concerns about the lenses, I began to get relief. The receptionist has kindly accepted my worries and asks clarifying questions so she could better help me.

Have you ever been in a situation that is not going right and refuse to talk to someone because of fear of rejection or ridicule? You may even resist going to God with the things that troubles you are thinking you, you bother God too much, or that situation will not concern God. Big mistake! Finding a solution was imperative. Every day that I did not get my glasses, my vision obscured. Whenever I attempt to look through glasses, my eyes were, damaged because the setting was not right.

Resist the temptation to continue, allowing circumstances to create emotional and physical damage, take the decision to make a change for your own sake, seek clarification, solutions, answers, and a way out. One may be in a violent relationship and remain, thinking; it will get better but no change for years. What about making a move to save oneself from broken bones, head injury, or even death?

What about that work environment that is so hostile, full of bullying, cheering at your core, leaving you feeling helpless worthless, and defenseless? It is time to take that step of faith to say no to those treatments. Close the doors to emotional devastation, and preserve your heart and soul.

3. Avoiding self

Yes. I was avoiding making that decision. I avoided having to look as if I had done something wrong because I thought, okay, I told the lady that the glasses fit. Well, what are they going to think about me? We have our insecurities self-judgment that holds us back, separating us from refocusing and taking that step towards making the changes needed dearly in our lives. Therefore we have to choose to say yes I will do this, because I need a change. And if I don’t change now, then what will happen. Will I be closing the door to the opportunities? One could be closing the doors to that new job, the emotional breakthrough that I’ve been longing for so long. What is it that we are shutting the doors? Remember, Revelation said, Behold I said before you open doors that no man can close, only you. What opportunity is in your hands? The ball is in your court, as someone may say. Decide how we will approach or circumstances how we will refocus ourselves to get the better outcome and not be complacent with non-functional. Because a non-functional life is going nowhere, a non-functional relationship is just brokenness and more emotional hurt that build up over time, leading to further destruction. However, when one chose corrective action making that choice for a better life, great things happen.

Faith tip: God has equipped you with all the tools that you need to press forward to make that change to create that change in your life.

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