Three Reasons You Think Access was Denied

Not because things have been a certain way you think it will never change. Yes, we work hard to maintain consistency in our lives, and I agree no one wants mayhem. However, some somethings are at our hand grasp, yet we fail to access it. Why?

  1. Still relying on past knowledge when the situation has changed

Many mistakes occur in one’s lifetime, yet failure to recognize a shift in opportunity leaves one standing outside in the cold. You placed effort on getting to the door of your next level, but you knock, and it did not open. You may be thinking the door is locked when the door is only closed to keep out unwanted guests. You belong through them doors, so why not turn the knob and enter?

Society has many paths of success for those who knock and opens the doors of abundance and increase. One may have applied for that job and told to wait but never revisit.

“Through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.” Romans 5:2

God promises us grace, but faith is required. When one wants that opportunity to excel, relying on past encounters, is not going to cut it. One should walk out in boldness, knowing one is, equipped in education, experiences, and skills. While your past experiences help groom you into becoming an expert, there is a need to exercise that expertise in action.

2. Failure to take action

The door will not open itself, and if someone was always opening it for you, they might be tired of your lack of independence. Persons want to see you do it for yourself. When there is too much dependence on others, one is not strengthening. The muscles required for action are week. There is a need for toning, and that takes work. Remember what I said about an expert; they have done it. So how will you grow and develop into that entrepreneur if you are fearful of pushing for opportunities? The longer you take to go against the odds, the longer it will take for you to accomplish your plans or dreams.

You have heard the term “failure to launch.” Is it due to a lack of adequate preparation? It could be not pushing the start button. One has to reach that stage of self-sufficiency. Be the go-getter. Bring change to your life. If we allow this flesh to become too relaxing, the body will remain in that state. You wonder why people struggle with doing workouts or exercise; this flesh hates pain. It likes to be fed and pampered but not disciple. That is why the bible says we should put the body under subjection. So that effort needed to spend an extra hour or two to fine-tune the things required for your opportunity, do it.

3. Looking through the door’s glass, anticipating an answer

A glass reaction fails to give clarity. The words heard through that closed door are distorted. There may be misinterpretation in communication building resentments. Facial expressions can also be misleading. The best thing to do is open that door and enter. Psalms 119:37 says,

“Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things, And revive me in Your way.” 

Our eyes have to focus on the right things, or we will be lead astray. When we concentrate on being empowered, we take the necessary steps to sharpen our intellectual abilities.

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