Three Home Run Ahh Ahhs


 God indeed is keeping you.

I love the high moments, these moments where I feel good, and when everything is going okay, I love those moments.

I love when everything is in alignment.

Home is going good, and work is going good, friends are supporting me, family helped me, I love it when it’s going God.

Can I tell you that? Sometimes, it doesn’t always go well.

Those are the times when we have to pull on our inner strength to find support. We continue to find that support to knowing things will come, but I’m not going to run away.

I’m not going to tuck and hide. I’m not going to cover over and just let the enemy moved over me;

instead, I’m going to tap into my inner being for the things God has equipped me with, such as strength, wisdom, and hope.

I’m going to tap into my fountain of peace and joy.

I’m going to tap into my power, knowing that I can push back, trusting God to see me through to the very end.

Life is what it’s always going to be. It’s always going to throw you those curveballs that you’re either going to hit them for a home run or allow them to pass. Nevertheless, it is striking that ball that gives the most delight, better yet a home run, have you

  1. It is dropping the bat and running for each base to make it around. When that bat drops, there is no care where it falls because the thought of running with it already poses a hindrance. The mental aim is now met with increased adrenaline to accomplish what would bring joy to oneself and others.

2. One runs without focus on where the foot is landing. In the heated moment of a home run, the runner keeps eyes on the ball, not where their foot is landing. The anticipation is that the ball can return to the inner field anytime before the lap is, completed. The runner trusts the foot to land firmly with every stride. Can you imagine trusting God to hold you up on your journey? Your eyes are on the prize, so run with confidence.

3. Aim to reach the final base before the ball returns to the inner field.  You are running, so run with faith. Be purposeful with every stride to get to the finish line. While being aware of the opposition’s tactics, never take your eyes off what you can accomplish.

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