Step Out of that Room

One may be in a room and don’t realize that a key is not needed to get out. That person needs to turn that knob and walkthrough.

When one is at the place alone, the thought process remains the same. That frantic searching for a solution and the inability to identify a solution can leave one feeling frustrated. That repetitive pulling and moving around things brings no answers as the answer is not at that place. Can I encourage you to incline your ears to the voice of the one that still the waters?

There is sadness, a sense of brokenness for those who feel trapped. How can that person be reached when they are hurting, whether physically or emotionally? That’s the same thing that happens when people feel trapped in sin or thinking there is no way out. Jesus Christ has already opened the door, Jesus Christ, as already taken the keys to the room of sin, and still, persons remain in that state, remain in that locked up box instead of coming out. What will it take for you to open the door and walkthrough?

1. Compassion

Maybe a call will be sufficient. Perhaps there is a need for someone to remind you that you don’t need a key to get through the door, to get out of that situation. God has already set you free! Submit to the freedom. One is boundless in Christ. You are boundless because God has set you free. Will you open the door, walk out of that situation? Because you have a Savior who has the keys, the door is already open. A reminder that you a loved so much; someone died for you.

2. Non-judgmental attitude

We have all had that person that says, “I tell you so,” when we get in a difficult situation. Mind you, I have done it too, but experience teaches wisdom. No one wants to hear that when things are going wrong. An understanding heart is what is needed—a person who sees you at that place of turmoil and will love you regardless. The path we have trod is not without mistakes. Even the most notable names of all times did err at one point, yet it is not for one to err and remain but learn and move on.

3. Redirection

The mind is powerful as it directs our musculoskeletal system by the transmission of signals. It receives and processes information interpreting as it deems fit. No wonder the word of God said, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans12:2). What is that perfect will that is missing? The instructions received can help refocus the mind from the clutter of repetitive motions that gets us nowhere.

“This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hoped”

-Lamentation 3:21

The mind must have positive influences that create memories for one to draw on. The set of attitudes we hold has to be such to make a change. The openness to direction now rest upon the receiver. Is that person now willing to stop searching and go as directed? A direct command has been given. Turn from the former ways and now walk out that door to freedom. Explore the vase doors of opportunity. Now chose which will be first, the clarity of the mind, casing down stagnation and moving unwavering into the call of abundance in knowledge and wisdom in Christ Jesus.

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