I Stood Resolute

When faced with breast cancer, it took a toll on me and my faith.

 I chose to stand resolute in my faith, recognized I was stronger than I thought.

 I realized that my faith was higher than where I had assessed it to be.

I stepped out in the strength of my faith. I stepped out in who God said I am a royal priesthood, a child of a king.

 I step out knowing that God has called me to be something extraordinary.

 I step out knowing that God chooses me, and in Him, I live and have my being.

 When he said he gives good gifts, I open my arms and receive that gift of love. Healing was for me.

 Looking back, I can say that I have some friends that help me through.

 I’ve had some rough times. I can say that I’ve been tested and tried, but I’ve stood firm.

I can say that I’m an overcomer. I can say that I’m more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

I stand unmoved in my faith that God will see me through, no matter what the circumstances, maybe.

I realized that my story has changed, bringing me to a different height than before. Now I know that the rough times cannot be counted as much as the good times.

I’m encouraged by the many different circumstances to stand.

Even when the enemy comes, to bombard my mind with fear and doubt, God steps in.

 I realize that I can step on doubt and fear, walk over them.

 I can jump them as hurdles and be in the purpose God has called me.

 I know that I am a woman of worth.

 I am a woman of power.

I am empowered by the Mighty God who created all things, Jesus!

 He’s the one that guides me and gives me strength.

 He’s the one that said your faith is more than enough.

By Debbie Watson-Allen

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