Three Considerations for your Spiritual Growth


Vision is what appears to you. It is the power of seeing when one has a perception of where and what they want in life. There is wisdom in planning for the future—the inventiveness of orchestrating a path that enables the desired outcome.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keypeth the law, happy is he”
Proverbs 29:18

The spiritual vision for your life entails planting the seed of an idea. No root, which is, planted, produced the opposite of that seed planted. It is the expectation of an outcome that God leads. We all need that inspiration, but don’t be inspired and not take action.

  1. Wisdom For The Vision

When Pharaoh had a vision, he seeks counsel as to what the dream meant. You cannot allow the idea to die because of failure to plan. Many want to accomplish great things in life, but the pain of labor seems too much. Pharaoh did not do it independently but asked a man capable of sustaining that vision with wisdom to be the head. Joseph kept close to God, maintained his integrity, and when lied on, did not lose what he stood for, honesty. Many may find themselves like Pharaoh having a vision but fail to remember what it is or have no clue what it means. Seeking wise counsel is not ashamed. That is why one needs mentors and coaches who God leads to petition on your behalf, bringing your forgotten dreams to life. The idea is getting direction aligned with God’s for your life and the desires of your heart. 

2. Planting for your vision

Planting is an action word and does not go without some preparation. The seed of ideas is not just obtained but place in an area for growth. The ideal mindset is the soil in which great ideas begin to germinate for growth. First, however, transplanting is necessary from that place of germination so development can take place. Next, strategical planning comes into place that the ideas become a reality. Then, there is executing those plans whether it is single-handed or in collaboration with others.

 Choosing that act of accelerating pushing past difficulties helps one achieves their goals. Timing is vital to transplant as the climate has to be correct and the soil of transplant well fertilized to accommodate the seedling. There are some questions one can ask oneself.

  • How is the relationship with my partners for investment? 
    • First, of course, one wants to ensure they are not entering into a hostile environment that will kill one’s ideas. Cultivating the environment for adoption makes transition more favorable. Second, try not to lose the vision of who you are and your integrity. Third, identify oncoming disappointment and create a pathway to maneuver into your purpose. 
  • Is this the right place for me? 
    • The development comes with the enhancement of one’s abilities and investment in gaining added qualities. Dream killers are not always easily identified but portray subtle behaviors such as striking down every new idea one has or side-tracking that promotion. It may be time to change partnership. 
  • What doors seem closed? 
    • God has set before you open doors that no man can shut Rev 3:8. Reread the signs. One may have to do further investigation to identify problem areas then restrategized. Peace is need for one to thrive. While healthy critiques help with developing one’s characters, the timing or environment has to be correct.

3. Sustaining the Growth

The sustainer does not want to see you sink. God will keep you whenever you think you are going to fail. Faith is that bridge for us when we want to make that growth spurt. One may now need that quantum leap of faith to diversify dividends in personal and business encounters.  While many questions may brew in mind, such as how long one can not grow weary but during the time of waiting for water and mulch, the harvest is excellent at reaping. The God of the order says in Eccl 3:1, “To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” Let us not fold hands and wait but keep working while it is, day. Various areas in one’s life need strengthening and will be put to the test time and time again but lean on the God that supports and keeps. Choosing to rejoice in your waiting gives strength as the bible says, “for the joy of the Lord is Your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10).

Then think about the mental capabilities. The hope that is within should not be allowed to die. One may have seen farmers plant a crop, and a storm comes and destroys it. Indeed, farmers are devastated because they put much time, effort, and money into the harvest, and losing that means starting from scratch. As spiritual warriors, the storms faced are spiritual attacks on our minds to create a field of insecurities, so one gives up during the process of waiting. But protect the reason, entertain that which is good. 

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. “
James 4:7

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