Three steps to breaking Self-Sabotage Barriers

Waiting for that quantum leap may feel like an eternity, yet it will come. One’s faith is put to the test continually, only to strengthen and grow one’s faith. You may even wonder, how long? Why so long? Yet, we know a God who is in control. So, let’s not fold hands and wait but keeps working on the areas that need strengthening. The weight of the circumstances may press against our joy, leaving little or no stamina for rejoicing but an attitude of positivity helps. Our perspective on the situation is often skewed based on how w anticipates the various obstacles and outcome. Then our timing is maybe one of urgency when the actual timing is in waiting. Looking to God as our director and way maker makes us realize that our timing is not always God’s timing.

God is the one who sustains and feels as if they are going under like the titanic rescue will come. I have proven this at different times in my life and said so in his words.

 “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved” (Psalms 55:22).

Our burdens are not for us to carry but allow The Lord to support us through our heartfelt situations. Then one may set self-up, seeing time consumed by irrelevant stress leading to lack of rest when the Lord says we should rest in him. In the transition from a place of action, one has to cross the barriers in the path. 

1. Find that Channel

Finding the right direction towards an anticipated outcome needs to be specific. Having a plan that aligns with God’s plan is the best option as God empowers us to go through. Rash decisions or unplanned events often take much of our resources, leaving gaps that take an extended time to regain. Take illness, for example. If one does not have insurance or some designated funds for that time of treatment, doctor’s bills, hospital fees, and loss of income quickly erode one saving. The accounts may be so much that it puts one in bankruptcy. However, being strategic in planning for the unexpected eradicates the possibility of insufficiency and want. The ability to reach your desire goals is dependent upon what you choose to do. 

One of the most significant barriers, procrastination, prevents one from attaining their goals in life and knitted with the fear of failure. Breaking through this barrier is said in the bible, a transformation of the mind. Think different because hope comes through our savior, and he wants the best for us. So many have it backward, but God wants us to lack nothing. Faith in God’s ability to see one through makes things possible.

2.There is a need for a transport system, use faith

. Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established Proverbs 16:3

When the foundation of the ideas is in the Lord, your affiliations are reputable, mobilizing your growth. The insight is viewed with scrutiny as not to attract the wrong systems. The satisfaction sought is not based upon discredited because one will face the consequence of choice. When we adopt the principles of God, adverse effects are minimal, avoided altogether. We all want the desired outcome for every area of our life. Selecting anything less and living below the bar God has set for us only cause us to grieve. God says nothing good will he withhold from those who love him. Then the psalmist said he has been young and now old and never seen the righteous go begging for bread. The question is can you trust God to carry you through the process? Life journey moves us through various terrains met with rocky moments needing God’s protection. That lack of confidence brings anxiety that opens one to danger. Therefore the assurance from the words of God pushes us into our stance of faith and erasing self-doubt. 

3.Directly penetrate the system that poses as an obstacle

When interconnecting framework sets mechanisms in motion that stand as hindrances, a change needs to occur or adopt the principles. Christ showed us the most remarkable example when he breaks the status quo. Jesus did not speak, teach or act the way the people expected. Instead, Jesus breaks social barriers, love, and compassion. He healed on the Sabbath day, was ridiculed for the miracle, yet that did not change who he is. Following the example of Christ, we stand for love, compassion, and righteousness. The Lord says love covers a multitude of sins. 

When faced with disappointments, rejection, and condemnation, they create obstacles. However, God says, if your heart condemns you, He is more significant than our hearts (1 John 3:20). Therefore, we trust in God to bring deliverance by taking his words as truth. Disappointments occur when our hope or expectations are unfulfilled, making one sad. It is not that we did not set realistic goals, but circumstances take away from the time needed to prepare or the lack of resources at the time. Therefore, one can rethink how to move forward.

Then there is rejection. When we place our expectation in man or the systems created by a man also anticipate some form of defiance. Not everyone will see the vision God gives you, and some may see it but do not want you to attain it. The aim of accomplishing what God has for you is listening to God’s direction and doing his will. Persons are often lead astray when they harken onto other voices. It is committing spiritual sabotage when God says one thing, and you think a man/woman knows better. The God of the universe knows all and made all, so there is no greater power. Remember, God’s timing is impeccable.

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