Finding Self

Four Analytic Perspectives Knowing one’s thought process is imperative to a process outcome. As one’s thought-forms into action, the reflection is the character. It is how a person deportment who are you? What do you think of yourself? As the dictionary puts it, the thought process uses one’s mind to consider something to retrieve in …

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Attitude towards Faith in God

Your attitude of faith is your stance for deliverance from God. As you make that choice to stand for holiness and righteousness, many will not see you as God sees you. Your reactions to any given situation test the conscious effort placed on who God says you are. Know this; the opposition is watching you at all times. This enemy seeks an occasion to accuse you. Even when you are doing all that is right, there will be a false acquisition.

Choosing Purpose

When placed in a situation to choose, it may not come easy, depending on their choices. However, we make choices every day. Those choices made maybe austere, yet there may be times when we make heart-rending decisions. While we are making life choices for our career, family health, and wealth, special attention must be when it comes to our soul. Man is body, spirit, and soul. When one dies physically, the soul lives on, to give an account to, the only one that can destroy both body and soul, Jesus Christ.